The Covenant Team has an extensive selection of mortgage loan programs suited to match each borrower’s unique requirements.

Call us today if you would like us to personally explain in detail the loan types listed below, or go to our Learning Center for more information.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Recommended for: Those that want the security of a fixed monthly payment for the life of the loan. 30, 20, 15 and 10 year terms available.


Recommended for: Those looking for a lower down payment and flexible credit standards.


Recommended for: Veterans who qualify. This loan offers no down payment and no monthly mortgage insurance.


Recommended for: Those properties located in rural areas. This loan offers a no money down option. Credit and income limitations apply.

Freedom Series FHA

Alternative 600 | Premier 720 | Select 620

Recommended for: Those borrowers who have less than perfect credit and need a little more flexibility on score or those with excellent credit who have limited income and need more flexibility on their debt to income ratio.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Recommended for: Those who want lower payments In the early years, anticipate moving in a fixed period of time or for shorter ownership periods.

Jumbo Loans

Recommended for: Those loans that exceed the conforming loan limit of $417,000.

Texas Cash Out Loans

Recommended for: Those who have large amount of equity in their primary residence that they would like to withdraw through a home loan.

Fannie Mae Du Refi Plus

Recommended for: Those home loans currently owned by Fannie Mae, they offer reduced income verification and higher loan to value options.


Recommended for: Those who want to lower their rate, payment or mortgage term by taking advantage of a new FHA, VA, adjustable rate or fixed rate mortgage.